The Basics of Fence Maintenance

The Basics of Fence Maintenance - Gold Coast

Installing a fence is a great way to secure your property. It adds privacy, keeps kids and pets safe, and it also add value to your home. But to keep it in good condition, maintenance is a must. By following a few maintenance tips and keeping in mind the dos and don’ts of fence care, you can keep your fence looking great and extend its life.

These days’ fences made of vinyl, aluminium and steel are becoming more and more popular because of its low-maintenance and attractive look. However, different kind of fences needs different kind of attention.

Wooden fencing requires a lot of attention because it requires painting and staining every couple of years, but it can boost your property value by making your yard pleasing.

Aluminium or vinyl fencing requires little less maintaining than the wood fencing. This is the main reason why the homeowners like this option.

There are three basic maintenance parts you need to do for almost every fence to keep them lasting longer.

Be aware and keep it clean

Every wooden fence owner should be aware and check the fence for any signs of rotting or structural damage regularly, especially after rain. If you notice anything like this, replace the specific part by a case by case basis.  For cleaning, you need to use soap and warm water to get rid of any built-up dirt or mildew. When you are done with cleaning, you can rinse it with a high-pressure hose which you can get at any home improvement store.

Adding Beauty

If you want to add some beauty and extend the fence’s life cycle, there are few options you can choose from. You can add some colour or style to your fence, or you can just add a sealer which is best done early. You need to apply the product in the first four to six weeks of installation.  After that process, you should apply a product every two years to protect your fence.

Using caulk

You can also use caulk along with sealing on your wooden fence and the concrete posts so it can avoid water damage. Caulking your fence every year is the easiest way to extend the life of your fence.

As you know the basics of fence maintenance, pay a little attention to your fencing as they need your care too.

What Clients Say

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Hi Troy, just letting you know that your two young men did a wonderful job with my fence and cleaned everything up before they left. As agreed we left the old fence standing. Thank you for such a great job. I will be happy recommending you 🙂
M & T Ballam-Cross
M & T Ballam-Cross
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We would like to thank you for sending Dean to build our fence for us. He has done an excellent job. He is a meticulous worker who justifiably has great pride in his work. We were astonished at his energy and willingness to go the extra mile. We will be happy to recommend Dean and Aaurora fencing to all of our friend
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Management Aaurora Fencing – Fencing was completed at my property yesterday you as management need to know I could not fault professionalism shown by both Troy & Dean who carried out their duties to the highest standards.

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