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A pool fence is not only a legal obligation; it could save a child’s life someday. Your pool fencing performs an important function, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Research pool fencing products, and you’ll find a surprising number of options for both domestic and commercial properties.

Make sure your pool fencing is both compliant with the current law and easily maintained to ensure safety. We’re happy to help you at Aaurora Fencing because we understand the legal requirements for domestic fencing and commercial fencing surrounding pools.

Many of our clients choose Colorbond Fencing for their homes because of its modern lines, durability and privacy. However, commercial properties with a pool on the premises often prefer fences with greater visibility for increased safety.

What makes a good pool fence?

  • Durability – choose pool fencing manufactured from strong, low maintenance materials that can withstand Australian conditions
  • No climb – a pool fence cannot have horizontal bars or holes that could be used as feet or hand holds. Vertical gaps must not be wide enough to let a child squeeze through
  • Visibility – you should be able to see into the pool area from your house and garden
  • Style – a fence should complement your sparkling pool. Don’t ruin the view with an unattractive fence

Aaurora Fencing can help you choose and install the best pool fence for your property at an affordable price. Why not visit our one-stop fencing shop at 9 Jaygee Court, Nerang on the Gold Coast or contact us today.

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