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Aaurora Fencing stocks a range of chainwire fencing for all industrial, commercial and residential requirements. Chainwire fencing is a reliable, versatile product that can be used to build a permanent boundary to reduce trespass, keep livestock and pets in and unwanted animals out.

Chainwire fencing for domestic applications

Chainwire fencing has a myriad of domestic fencing applications around the home, including vegetable patch boundaries, chicken pens, and pet runs. Chainwire fencing is tough and will last many years if installed correctly.

Chainwire fencing for commercial fencing

Chainwire fencing is often used around sports fields, schools and swimming pools due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. Combine chainwire fencing with steel piping, rural or steel for a strong, long-lasting boundary fence.

Chainwire fencing for Industrial premises

Security at machinery depots, car yards, and warehouse complexes is always difficult to maintain. Installing a tall chainwire fence with  Razor Wire on top to help reduce the risk of trespass, graffiti, and opportunistic ingress.

Aaurora Fencing provides a complete fencing service, including professional fencing installation. We can help every step of the way to make sure you choose the correct fencing products for your requirement. Before you start your next fencing project, visit our one-stop fencing shop at Nerang or contact us today to discuss your chainwire fencing needs, and we’ll help you choose the right fence at the best price.

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