3 great reasons to choose Steel Fencing!

Steel fencing is one of the many choices we have available at Aaurora Fencing on the Gold Coast.

Adding steel fencing to your Gold Coast home can be beneficial for a number of reasons, let’s take a look.

Steel fences are an excellent choice of fencing for a variety of reasons. A perfectly matched steel fence can add tremendous value to any home, or simply tie it together better. Steel fences are an absolute go-to for any sort of fencing, as they have immense benefits including but not limited to being durable, which means it can withstand the pressures of weathering, it is also much more cost-effective to maintain in the long-run of ownership, it’s a ‘headache-free’ option of fencing, to say the least.


Steel fences are much more durable than most alternatives. Due to its unique properties, steel stands up better against the harsh Australian climate. Steel is built to last, and once treated it will resist cracking, chipping and peeling, plus you don’t have to worry about termites.

Cheap maintenance

Professionally installed steel fences are strong and rigid forms of fencing, which require little to no maintenance. The only maintenance that is required for steel fencing is a coat of metal paint to prevent erosion from rust.

Safety & Security

Needless to say, steel fences are strong; they’re quite difficult to damage and for them to be compromised by a would-be thief. Steel fences come in a range of shapes and sizes, and some are designed to be hard to climb, making crimes of opportunity less likely, thus a very secure option for protecting your home or commercial property.

 Design and Customisation

Steel fences come in a variety of designs which not many other forms of fencing can replicate. Steel fencing is versatile as it can fit in with a variety of landscapes and environments, giving you extra security without compromising on looks.

Good for the Environment

Steel is environment-friendly as it is 100% recyclable. Every environmentally conscious choice helps.

Need Some Help?

If you’ve read the benefits of having a steel fence and you need more information, why not talk to the team at Aaurora Fencing, we can give you the benefit of years of experience.

Aaurora Fencing professional install fencing in your Gold Coast home, so one simple call and we’ll do it all.

What Clients Say

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Hi Troy, just letting you know that your two young men did a wonderful job with my fence and cleaned everything up before they left. As agreed we left the old fence standing. Thank you for such a great job. I will be happy recommending you 🙂
M & T Ballam-Cross
M & T Ballam-Cross
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We would like to thank you for sending Dean to build our fence for us. He has done an excellent job. He is a meticulous worker who justifiably has great pride in his work. We were astonished at his energy and willingness to go the extra mile. We will be happy to recommend Dean and Aaurora fencing to all of our friend
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Management Aaurora Fencing – Fencing was completed at my property yesterday you as management need to know I could not fault professionalism shown by both Troy & Dean who carried out their duties to the highest standards.

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