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PROS and CONS of Glass Fences

PROS and CONS of Glass Fences

April 5, 2018

There are many pros and cons when it comes to glass fencing. Here are the top three advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selecting a glass fence for your property.


1. Visibility – a glass fence is built to provide near perfect visibility. They provide a seamless, modern and unobtrusive addition to any property, be it residential or commercial.

2. Versatility – There are many various types (such as tempered glass), sizes and looks (such as frameless or semi-frameless) that can be selected when choosing a glass fence. This makes it an extremely versatile fencing choice, and suitable for a range of purposes and locations. Common purposes for glass fencing are: pool fencing, balcony fencing, stairway fencing, entertainment fencing or property boarder.

3. Easy Maintenance – A glass fence is super easy to clean and maintain. The upkeep of most other styles of fencing can be time consuming and costly. Glass fences however are easy to clean with just soap and water.


1. Cost – Glass fencing can often be a more costly choice compared to other types of fencing materials. This includes its installation cost, as most often there is a bigger process to installing glass fencing, as such a higher installation expense.

2. Regular Cleaning

While easy to clean, it will require a lot of it. Glass won’t hide any of the dust, water drops, bird droppings, etc that fences experience. So, it will require more cleaning maintenance than most other types of fencing.

3. Scratches

If not maintained properly, the glass can become scratched through its daily wear and tear. Making sure you choose a quality glass and keep up on its maintenance requirements will ensure that this doesn’t happen, but should you not expect scratching to appear.

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