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PROS and CONS of Electric Fences

PROS and CONS of Electric Fences

March 15, 2018

Electric fencing is successful in uses such as home, business or industrial security, safeguarding farm animals and preventing pets from straying. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before installing an electric fence.


Some of the advantages to installing an electric fence are, to start with, it’s an excellent security deterrent to burglary, vandalism and trespassing. Also, they are very easy to build due to their lighter material construction, and the maintenance involved is very minimal. Another big advantage is that it is a very durable style of fencing, one that you can trust in to last for many years. There are also many specialised selections that you can opt for to make sure that the fence suits your needs exactly.

PROS and CONS of Electric Fences


One of the major disadvantages of having an electric fence installed is that it requires regular maintenance. There are many rules and regulations involved, one that you need to check with local council to ensure even installing one is approved. Another is that you must constantly maintain the surrounding plant life. If trees and grass are not properly trimmed back they could be considered a fire hazard. You also need to ensure that the fence has been properly grounded otherwise it may become hazardous or ineffective.

Aaurora Fencing has a range of electric fencing options and electric fencing accessories to suit large or small projects. Electric fencing can be used for temporary or permanent fencing and can be either battery operated, solar or connected to the mains.

We can advise on all electric fencing products, and we can provide a complete fencing service, including professional fencing installation. Contact us today or visit our Gold Coast shop before starting your electric fencing project.

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