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September 4, 2016

The title may sound dramatic, but it’s true: Fences can and do save lives. Whether it be domestic fencing or commercial fencing, a fence is more often than not used as a barrier of protection; either for goods or for people. Let’s look at some examples of how fences save lives.

Pool Fences

This would probably be one of the first ones that comes to mind. In Australia during summer we hear of little children drowning in a pool. The number of infant drownings has been greatly reduced since mandatory pool fencing laws were introduced. Unfortunately this tragic incidence does still occur from time to time, but it is nowhere near as prevalent as days gone by. A quality pool fence can not only look stylish, it saves the lives of both children and pets.

Construction Sites

You walk past a construction site after hours and it’s all fenced in and locked up. In part this is to protect the site itself and equipment, but mostly this fencing installation is designed to keep people out and away from hazards. Building sites can be dangerous places, with deep holes in the ground, debris, unfinished and insecure structures. Commercial fencing can save lives just as much as pool fencing.

Railway Lines

Maybe fools can’t be saved if they want to dice with death and leap from a train station platform, but fencing along the rest of the tracks in built up urban areas definitely helps to save lives. A train is not something to be messed with, which is why road crossings always have boom gates lowered when a train is approaching. These gates also serve their purpose in protecting drivers and passengers from danger.

School Fences

These are especially important for schools where very young children are attending. The fencing installation isn’t designed to lock the children in like a prison. It’s there to keep them safe from wandering off the grounds and onto the street. These fences and gates play a dual role as they also help to keep predatory individuals out of the school grounds.


There are many places where fencing is used to protect people from falling from heights. It could be a mountain lookout, a highrise balcony rail, guard rails along the edges of steep mountain roads.

There are not many things more dangerous to your health than falling from a great height. Even small heights can prove deadly.

To Wrap Up

As you can see just by the examples above, fencing installations of all kinds can save lives. At Aaurora Fencing on the Gold Coast, we are experts in all commercial fencing, domestic fencing and gates. Drop in and see us for a chat to discuss your fencing needs.

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