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How Often Should You Change Your Fences?

Change Your Fences

February 15, 2018

Depending upon the type of materials used and their age, sometimes a property owner will need to replace their fence.

In some cases, should your fencing not be installed correctly or inferior materials are used, your fence will need to be replaced sooner than otherwise necessary. Weather is another major factor for those looking to replace their fencing, as often severe weather will cause enough considerable damage to necessitate a replacement. No matter the cause, there are some important considerations to consider before making the decision to replace your fencing.

The first, do you have a permit to replace your existing fence? You will need to check your local zoning laws, even if you plan to use the same materials at the same height and placement. If you replace your fence before checking zoning laws and receiving a permit, the mistake could cost you big.

The second, is your property line correct? This may be a good time to double check. Sometimes a fence is installed short or beyond your property line, so this is a good time to correct and adjust your space to its correct size.

The third, check what is underground? You will need to know where all of the underground piping and wiring is before you start digging in. Even if your posts are going into the same spot as your old ones, sometimes the hole will need to be dug deeper or wider. The check could save you considerable time and money.

The fourth, do you want to replace it with the same fencing style and material? If the previous fence didn’t hold up so well it may be a good time to find a more durable or better suited style of fence. It could save you from having to do this again just a few years down the track.

The fifth, who is going to replace it? Hiring a professional fencing installation service will add to your fences durability making it last longer. Aaurora Fencing provides quality fencing installation in and around the Gold Coast from Tweed Heads to South Brisbane and inland to Mt Tamborine.

Our comprehensive service includes design advice, the supply of materials, and installation of security fences, gates, domestic fencing and commercial fencing. No job is too big or small, so contact us today to discuss your next fencing project. We’re here to help.

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