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When Would You Need Electric Fencing and Is It Safe

When Would You Need Electric Fencing and Is It Safe

October 5, 2017

When people think of electric fencing, images of prison camps and jails comes to mind. Sure, electric fencing can be used for those purposes, but it has many other practical, more everyday applications; both domestically and especially in the rural sector. Electric fencing can also be used as a temporary measure.

Rural Applications

This type of fencing is particularly useful for horses when it comes to rural applications. Electric fencing is very easy to install and usually only requires two wires to keep the horses where you want them. It is also safer for your horses. If a horse bolts through the electric fence, it’s not likely to do any damage to the animal. More traditional fences can break or severely cut a horse’s legs.

Electric fencing also works well as a barrier between livestock and the permanent fence. It helps prevent damage to other fencing as well as keeping the animals contained.

Industrial Applications

Requiring very little maintenance, reliability is one of the biggest advantages to installing electric fencing around your commercial or industrial property. It is the perfect solution to keep the area safe and make certain no undesirables gain access to the property after hours. It’s always a good idea to check with your local council to make certain you are allowed to install electric fencing in your area.

Residential Applications

Rising crime rates mean personal security for you and your loved ones is paramount. You also want to protect your home and property from thieves. Electric fencing can provide the ultimate deterrent to criminals and intruders. Again, it’s wise to first get the okay from the local council before installing electric fencing.

Is Electric Fencing Safe?

This is a common and natural question. Are electric fences safe for humans and pets? While high voltage can be lethal, electric fences generally are not given a high enough voltage to cause harm to people or pets that come into contract with them. In fact, electric fencing is considered safer than more traditional deterrents such as barbed wire.

As the electricity is delivered in pulses, it acts to repel animals and intruders while at the same time keeping the amperage low so as not to cause actual physical harm.

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