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July 17, 2016

We are all aware by now that is a law that all pools be fenced to prevent accidental drownings, but how many of us are aware of the regulations governing pool fencing?

In this post we will take a closer look at what the regulations actually are, and you can determine whether your existing pool fence complies with those rules. Or, if you are considering getting a pool, you will know beforehand what’s required with regards to the fencing of the pool.



The pool fencing and gates must be well maintained at all times to comply with regulations. Any damages to the fence that compromise its structure must be repaired expediently. Likewise, latches on gates must be kept in working order so the gate locks securely. Also make sure gate hinges are not loose or rusting away.


Height Of The Fencing

Pool fencing is required to be at least 1200mm in height from top to bottom. In addition, any climbable tree branches that overhang the pool should be cut back. Also, garden beds near the pool fence that effectively reduce the height of the barrier will need to be moved further back from the fencing.


Adjoining Boundary Fences

These must not be climbable from the outside. If they are, they will not be compliant with pool fencing regulations and will need to be replaced with a fence that is compliant. The boundary fence must also be at least 1200mm in height at its lowest point.



Any windows that open directly into the pool area will need to be fitted with security screens so children can’t access the pool through the window.



As the purpose of pool fencing is safety first and foremost, it must be constructed of materials and built to a certain standard so the structure is solid, won’t topple over and can’t be easily broken or damaged. A flimsy pool fence that’s not built properly will not pass safety regulations.


Talk To The Experts

If you are unsure whether your existing fencing or proposed new pool fence will pass regulations, then speak with an expert. At Aaurora Fencing on the Gold Coast we are up-to-date on the rules and regulations that govern pool fencing and we can advise you on how to make your pool fence compliant. Ask us for a quote on your pool fencing, and we’ll make sure the job gets done to government standards, as well as supplying you with a beautiful looking pool fence.

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