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When Doing the Landscaping, Don’t Forget the Fencing

When Doing the Landscaping, Don't Forget the Fencing

September 15, 2017

In Australia – and especially in Queensland with our warm climate for most of the year – we are lovers of the great outdoors; and this includes spending a lot of quality time in our own yards. For this reason, beautiful landscaping is often high on the agenda. We spend time and money making the inside of our homes stylish and comfortable, and because we enjoy the outdoors so much, we tend to do the same with our landscaping around the home.

Whether you have just had a new home built, or are planning a landscaping revamp for your pre-existing home, don’t forget to put some thought into the fencing and factor it into your budget.

While landscaping might seem like it’s mostly about creating beautiful and colourful gardens, lush lawns and possibly even a water feature, it’s often the fencing that brings it all together. Ideally you want a fence with a colour and style that blends in seamlessly with your landscaping design, or you could have it stand out more as a feature. Whatever you choose, you will need to put some thought into the fencing before your project gets underway.

Some things to consider when it comes to choosing the fence include pets and small children. Will the fence be there to keep them safely in the yard? Do you need more security and perhaps require the installation of a higher fence or security fencing? Do you prefer fencing you can see through, or is privacy a top priority?

There are also gates to consider. Pedestrian gates are the perfect solution for access down the sides of the home. If the fencing is to cover the front yard as well, then there will be driveway gates and pedestrian access to consider too.

Before fully embarking on your landscaping project or revamp, first get in touch with us at Aaurora Fencing in Nerang on the Gold Coast. Give us a call or drop in for a friendly chat. We can help you choose just the right type of fencing and gates for your needs, keeping in mind your budget for the project. Along with supplying fencing materials, we can also do the installation for you. All our quotes are free and onsite consultations are no problem.

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