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Great tips to childproof the backyard

August 15, 2019

Children by nature are energetic and full of life; they love exploring and keeping them safe can often be a difficult job whilst not stifling their sense of adventure.

Child proofing your backyard can provide your child with a safe environment to play whilst providing you with peace of mind.

Fence the backyard

A fence around the backyard is a simple solution to keeping your children safe in the back yard. A fence is a barrier for preventing young children from wandering, and also to stop people entering your yard.

Supervising your children is made a lot easier with the aid of a fence.

Keep tools and toxic chemicals away

The majority of gardening tools come with a warning stating that they must be kept out of the reach of children at all times, this is for valid reason as well. Since children are not fully capable of understanding how to use such tools, they can possibly harm themselves.

Many tools and chemicals used in gardening are extremely dangerous for children to use while left unsupervised. Tools and toxic chemicals should be locked away, in appropriate yet safeguarded conditions to ensure the tools are in good condition, but as far as possible from the children.

Cushion sharp corners

When you child proof your home you might need to consider placing cushions on sharp edges for younger kids, this should also be extended to the outdoor area where furniture, BBQ’s etc… can also be a safety hazard.

A Fence can Provide Peace of Mind

The backyard can be quite a dangerous place for the little ones, and fencing is the first step to ensure that your children are safe and sound when getting time in the outdoors, contact Aaurora Fencing, to install or maintain fences on your Gold Coast home today.

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