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Domestic Fencing

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August 4, 2016

Unless you’re living in a rural area with plenty of land separating you from the nearest house, you are going to have neighbours living close by. City house blocks and even suburban house lots are not very big in most parts of Australia. While we’re not exactly jammed in together like canned sardines in this country, our neighbours are still only “next door”.

Whether you love your neighbours, are indifferent towards them or dislike them immensely, you will want some degree of privacy despite the fact they are in close proximity. When it comes to noise, there’s not really a lot you can do, but there are ways to keep out those prying eyes.


Domestic Fencing

Fencing is one of the most obvious, and there are many good reasons to have fencing around your home apart from the privacy factor. What type of fence you choose and how high is really up to you. Generally, if you are building a fence (or replacing an old fence) between your property and your neighbour’s yard, you will need to come to some sort of agreement with them. Will you split the costs? Can you agree on the materials the fence will be constructed from? There is also colour to consider, and height.

Maybe the deal could be that you pay for the cost of the fencing, so long as you get to choose the type of fence as well. A quality fence of a decent height will definitely give you a lot more privacy on the ground floor, as well as out in the yard. There are loads of different fences, materials, styles and colours to choose from, so the process needn’t be a boring one.


Grow A Hedgerow

If for some reason a fence isn’t an option, growing a hedge can act as a great makeshift fence. Hedges do take a bit of maintenance to keep them trimmed and looking nice, but they certainly can add a lot of privacy as well as being nice and natural.


Plants And Trees

Unless they are grown in a solid line, with lots of leafy branches, plants, gardens and trees probably won’t offer as much privacy from your neighbours as fencing or hedge, but if done right they can sure spruce up the look of your property. Once again, there is upkeep involved if you don’t want your yard turning into a jungle.


Combine The Elements

Install domestic fencing, then grow some plants and gardens along the edge of the fence on your side. This will give you protection and privacy with the fence, as well as adding a touch of nature to your yard.


Aaurora Fencing

At Aaurora Fencing on the Gold Coast, we’ve got your neighbourhood privacy covered with a great range of domestic fencing options and ideas. So, give us a call or drop in and see us.

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