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Do you live in a windy area? –Tips to keep in mind before installing a new fence

July 15, 2019

When it comes to choosing the right fence for your location it is important to take the weather into consideration; an area that is prone to being windy needs the right fencing that is installed correctly, otherwise, it can become a safety hazard.

Shape and Design

We’ve all seen those blown over fences, it not only looks unsightly, it is a big safety issue too. Depending on the shape and design of your fence it can essentially capture the wind, and if not correctly installed will be unable to withstand it.

The more surface area a fence has to capture the wind, the more likely it is to fall over. Choosing the right fence for your weather conditions is an important factor, talk to the team at Aaurora Fencing on the Gold Coast and we can advise you on the best solution for you.


Choosing a strong and durable fencing solution for a windy area is important. Steel fencing is a great option, and professionally installed you can enjoy a stable fence for many years to come.

Want to block some of that wind? Opt for a professionally installed Colorbond fence.


Whilst every fence comes with an element of maintenance, the last thing you want to do is need to fix your fence every time the wind picks up. Choosing a durable and strong fence and having it professionally installed will reduce the need for additional maintenance.

We have a Solution for You!

Talk to the team at Aaurora Fencing, we stand by the quality of product and workmanship involved in the installation process. If you live in a windy area on the Gold Coast, we can blow you away with the solutions we have available.


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