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Dividing Fences

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June 17, 2016

There is no law that states your property has to have a fence around it. If you have a swimming pool, that’s a different story, as all pools must be enclosed by a fence. Even though fencing installations are not mandatory, they definitely do have their distinct advantages.


Dividing Fences

When living in urban areas most house lots will be divided by domestic fencing. This gives you some degree of separation from your neighbour, affords more privacy for yourself and for them, and also makes a clear statement about where the boundary is between the properties. If a fence needs to be replaced or built from scratch, then you and your neighbour will need to come to an agreement on costs and style of fence.


Domestic Fencing

If you have pets and children then it’s a good idea to erect fencing that fully encloses your property. It’s only common sense to stop pets escaping the yard or prevent little children from wandering out into the street unsupervised. Fencing at the front of your property will also make your home more secure and give you even more privacy.


Pool Fencing

By law you need to have a special pool fence erected around the pool area. Pool fences save lives, and it doesn’t matter whether you have children of your own or not, a pool fence is mandatory.


Rural Properties

Some rural properties are massive and will have a series of fencing installations to divide off different sections of the property. There will be numerous gates as well to allow workers access to the various areas of the land.

If someone has livestock on rural land, then fencing is a definite must to prevent the animals from wandering off onto roads or onto neighbouring properties. Some property owners opt for no fencing in some areas of their land to make it easy for cattle runs and the like.


Thinking Of Building A Fence?

If you are, then you really should have a chat to a fencing specialist first about your needs. At Aaurora Fencing on the Gold Coast, we can advise you on the best type of fencing for your project, as well as providing your with a very competitive quote. So come in and chat with our friendly staff today.

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