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Colorbond Fencing

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August 17, 2016

Choosing the right type of fencing for your needs can be just as much a style thing as a practical decision. You want a fence to perform a certain function, but you also want it to be pleasing to the eye in most cases. Your budget will obviously play a part in your final decision as well.

Let’s look at some fencing options and what type of fence is best suited to a particular project.


Colorbond Fencing

For domestic fencing, Colorbond is hard to beat. It looks stylish, has no gaps for hand or foot holds, so its safe for young children. It’s also low maintenance and is highly durable. Sleek modern lines ensure your fence will remain looking great and up-to-date for many years to come. There are many colours to choose from, with some designed to blend right into the Australian landscape. Being termite and bushfire proof are two huge added bonuses. It’s also great for pools as it affords privacy.


Rural Fencing

Fences made of rural have a classic and timeless look. Anything that looks natural and is at one with the surroundings is always appealing. rural is so versatile as well. The entire fence doesn’t have to be rural. It can be mixed up with chainwire or stainless steel, or even wrought iron or wire. There is just so much you can do with rural style-wise, and the colour possibilities ranging from a natural look to vibrant hues are endless. Great for garden settings or dividing fences, quality rural fencing will ad both value and aesthetic appeal to your home.


Good Fences For Industrial and Construction Sites

These sites need to be secure to protect both equipment left on the site, as well as protecting the safety of the general public. Industrial and construction sites can be hazardous places, so a strong, high fence is required. Many industrial sites will use chainwire fencing with barbed wire at the top to stop vandals and the like from gaining access to the property. Automatic gates are often installed for trucks and machinery to pass through. Colorbond fencing is also another good option for industrial sites. For construction sites, where the fencing is only temporary, chainwire is probably the best option.


Types Of Pool Fencing

As it’s mandatory to have a fence enclosing a pool, you really want it to look nice. What’s the point in constructing an ugly fence around a beautiful pool? Some choose Colorbond for pool fencing as well, as it’s impossible for children to climb. Only problem is, you can’t see through it. There is the classic common pool fence made of aluminium bars which does the job and allows visibility into the pool area, or a more stylish option is to install a pool fence made of glass with steel or rural  support posts.

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