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Choosing the right color for Colorbond fencing.

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July 5, 2019

Colorbond fencing is a modern, attractive, durable, and unique fencing option which when installed instills a sense of privacy and safety within homes and commercial properties.

Colorbond fencing comes with a variety of benefits, and with 14 colours to choose from you can always find the right hue for you.

Pair it with your house

When picking a colour for your Colorbond fence the best thing to keep in mind is how it will go with your home’s colour theme. Not sure what colour to choose? At Aaurora Fencing we have installed thousands of Colorbond Fences, so why not ask us for some ideas of what colours will compliment your home.

Take the landscape into consideration

A fence should blend into or enhance the current landscape. You firstly need to decide, will your Colorbond fence be a focal point, or will it blend into the current landscape? Will your fence be a neutral background, or will it be a feature that makes your garden pop? The choice is yours; however, we are always on hand to assist you.

Understand the location

The predominant influence in the design of most homes is the setting, a house located in a beautiful suburb would definitely have contrasting colors to that of a home located right on the beach. Understanding what colors would complement the nature surrounding your home is a key factor to take into consideration whilst choosing the right Colorbond fencing.

Choosing the right colours for your Colorbond fencing may seem like a daunting task, but the team at Aaurora Fencing is always happy to help.

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