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A Brief History of Colorbond Fencing

A Brief History of Colorbond Fencing

December 5, 2017

Colorbond fencing is a commonly chosen type of fencing material by many Australian homeowners every year. You’ll find it on roofs, sheds, water tanks, gutters, carports and home fencing. It is known for its durability and look. What many don’ t know is that its history dates all the way back to 1843 England!

English engineer, Henry Robinson Palmer, made his building material breakthrough in the first half of the 19th century. He discovered that an extremely lightweight yet incredibly strong material could be made by corrugating a thin piece of iron. Shortly thereafter, corrugated iron rose in popularity among European settlers in Australia due to its easily transportable weight and ability to withstand our county’s conditions. From this, Colorbond was born.

Within Australia – for close to one hundred years – corrugated iron was the preferred building material choice. It was however in 1950 when the United States discovered a way to effectively bond paint to a galvanised base that things began to change. The goal was to create, not a new product, but a new material that suited Australian conditions perfectly. And in 1966 the very first Colorbond Steel was created on their painting line.

Now, more than 50 years later, close to half of all Australian homes built each year use Colorbond Steel. Now available in various colours, it remains a popular choice among property owners for fencing as well as other purposes.

Aaurora Fencing supplies and installs Colorbond fencing in and around the Gold Coast. With clean lines, a choice of colours and durability Colorbond fencing is hard to beat. Correctly installed Colorbond fencing has no vertical or horizontal gaps or footholds, making it a safe and private option for domestic fencing and poolside protection. Colorbond is low maintenance and will withstand impacts, making it perfect for security fencing around commercial properties.

We have friendly, knowledgeable staff and a professional fencing installation service at an affordable price. We can help you choose colours, design your fence to suit your lifestyle and correctly install your Colorbond fence to ensure it looks and performs at its best.

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