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Advantages and Disadvantages of Chainwire Fencing

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December 15, 2017

Chainwire fencing is a popular choice among property owner’s due to its practical applications and low-cost. Comparatively, it is the cheaper fencing option when it comes to material and installation. If you are considering installing a chainwire fence on your property, here are its top advantages and disadvantages.


As mentioned above, the low cost is a huge advantage of chainwire fencing. The time effective installation is another. Chainwire fencing is easier to install than many other fencing materials, making professional installation cost effective as well. Another advantage is its durability, as the material of chainwire is built to withstand the harshest of conditions and pressures. It will show no signs of rot, like a timber fence would, and will last a very long time without repairs or very maintenance. In terms of look, chainwire is capable of being coloured to suit whatever style you are wanting. Lastly, it will not completely obstruct the outside view, and it will provide an extremely secure and lasting property boundary.


The most common issues concerning chainwire fencing is the rust that can occur on its posts and at times on the wire itself. High quality products provide a more durable material that will protect itself from rust better. Making sure to hire a professional service is essential to ensure a proper coating is applied to the fencing in order to prevent rusting from happening. Another disadvantage to chainwire fencing is that it will not provide any blocking or protection from sound or noise.

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