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Electric fencing is an effective way to keep your animals safe and exclude pests, safeguard dams and trees, maintain and protect pastures and deter trespassers.

Aaurora Fencing at Nerang has over 25 years’ experience providing superior fencing services on the Gold Coast and we’ve got the skills and the know-how to install high-quality electric fencing on commercial and domestic properties.

If you’re building a new electric fence, want to improve an existing electric fence or need to repair your electric fence, we can help.


How does electric fencing work?

An electric fence energiser delivers electricity through a wire fence, creating pulses. When a person or animal makes contact with the fence, they receive a brief, yet harmless, electric shock.

For animals, the fence also acts as a psychological barrier, because they’ll remember the unpleasant sensation and learn not to go near the fence again.

Once the electric current has passed through the person or animal, it will complete its circuit by earthing in the ground, which is why you must install a proper ground circuit.


What are the benefits of electric fencing?

An electric fence offers several benefits compared to traditional fencing such as wood, barbed wire, woven wire and rail fencing.

Protect your home and business

  • If your home, business or factory is protected with an electric fence, it’s an obvious deterrent to vandals, burglars and other trespassers.

Cost-effective and durable

  • Electric fences require less time to install than a non-electric fence and cost less to maintain and repair, saving you money. Animals usually don’t touch electric fencing more than once, so there’s less chance they’ll stretch the wire and put pressure on the fence.
  • This means your fence will last longer. In fact, when built with high-quality components and materials, an electric fence might last for up to 40 years.

More control

  • An electric fence can be portable and temporary, allowing you to make temporary divisions and giving you more control over your property. This means you can easily separate livestock, protect parts of your land, fence off roads, and allocate pastures.


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We can help you decide which electric fencing is best for your requirements, whether mains powered, battery or solar. We can also answer all your questions about the rules and regulations of installing an electric fence on your property. For the best in electric fencing on the Gold Coast, call Aaurora Fencing on 07 5527 3266 or visit our shop at Nerang.

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